Amazon River
Sunset - EDH001

Cheryl DalsandersCheryl Dalsanders

Professional writer/photographer Cheryl Dalsanders has woven a lifetime of passions into a unique and varied career. Her journey has taken her around the world many times, capturing the total essence of her unique perspective on cultures far removed from our own everyday lives. She began her career as a travel writer and photographer for leading newspapers and magazines across the country, but is best known for her award-winning Cheryl Dalsanders’ Collection — a note card and fine art gift line sold in leading stores across the country for over 20 years.

Cheryl hosted her own television talk show and has toured the West Coast with her multi-media travelogues. Her children’s book, Best Friends, received a five star review and was photographed and written entirely on location in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

A native of the Midwest, Cheryl now resides in the Seattle, Washington, area where she credits the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest as ongoing inspiration for her writing and photography.

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Amazon River<br />Sunset - EDH001 >> Click for Details

Amazon River
Sunset - EDH001

Winter At Crater Lake - EDH020 >> Click for Details

Winter At Crater Lake - EDH020

Winter Comes<br />To Yellowstone - EDH053 >> Click for Details

Winter Comes
To Yellowstone - EDH053

Tulips In<br />The Rain - EDH069 >> Click for Details

Tulips In
The Rain - EDH069

The Wildflower<br />Path - EDH077 >> Click for Details

The Wildflower
Path - EDH077

Parrot Tulips - EDH087 >> Click for Details

Parrot Tulips - EDH087

An Autumn<br />Evening At<br />Lake Quinault - EDH114 >> Click for Details

An Autumn
Evening At
Lake Quinault - EDH114

Summer In The<br />Rosarie Garden - EDH143 >> Click for Details

Summer In The
Rosarie Garden - EDH143

Mossy Maple<br />Glade - EDH172 >> Click for Details

Mossy Maple
Glade - EDH172

Island Sunset - EDH289 >> Click for Details

Island Sunset - EDH289

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