Everyday Heaven - CDB001
Heaven on earth. We’ve all heard the phrase. What if this is actually true for each and every one of us…even on the grayest and rainiest of days? With nature as your guide and inspiration, Everyday Heaven is an extraordinary journey, offering profound answers and pathways to a new and exciting way of looking at your life. Use the meaning of the colors of the chakra to explore the richness of every season of the year with a new consciousness.

Provocative images invite you deep inside where you’ll recite life-changing meditations. Learn to listen to your life while developing the joy and creativity that lies within each and every one of us.


From Small Press Bookwatch magazine,

A good life isn't something that should wait. "Everyday Heaven: Live Each Extraordinary Day" is a motivational book from Cheryl Dalsanders filled with full color photography and plenty of inspirational proverbs and thought throughout. With beautiful landscape photography all throughout and plenty of wisdom to ponder, "Everyday Heaven" is a choice, coffee table read that is much recommended for connoisseurs of quality photography.

Other Reviews:

Relax and Be at Peace,
By J Braukus
This book is a timeless piece with beautiful photographs, reflective prose, and a brilliant use of color. Find a quiet favorite spot, kick back, and take this peaceful journey. It appeals to our senses and touches the soul. Wish that we all might learn from it.

What a Treasure!,
By Diana Rummel
My copy of Everyday Heaven was a surprise gift. What a treasure! No matter which page you turn to, you will be enthralled, challenged and entertained - as you see the world around you in a whole new way. Each page that follows will bring joy and enlightenment to your very soul, while the photos are a visual feast. This is a gift everyone will love.

By Richard Causey (Woodinville, WA USA)
What an incredible blend of gorgeous photography and meaningful thought. Take it slow with this book and savor every page. Each is more beautiful than the one before and the words weaving seamlessly into the photographs. This is the perfect gift - my wife loved it!

Photographs So Powerful, Took Me Away.
By Gail Brilling
Photographs so powerful, took me away. And they sure don't look photo-shopped either. I just kept paging through and paging through...especially winter...The words stopped me now and then and then I kept looking at the images.

Joyous Living,
By Lou Ann Skinner
Everyday Heaven is a gift for all time...and can serve as a daily guide for optimistic and positive living. The prose is inspirational and provocative... and the photographs exhibit extraordinary skill and talent. I highly recommend it as a book of hope for our everyday lives. I absolutely loved it.

Life Giving Affirmations,
By Amy Maher
Everyday Heaven was a beautiful gift! It has amazing photos and life giving affirmations. I can tell that the author poured her soul into the photography and collections of writing. This would make an amazing gift for a friend in transition (moving, grieving, becoming a mother, starting a new career, retiring) as it provides a solid grounding in the bigger picture of what is important in life. I'm very happy to have received this book, it is a blessing in my life.

Change Your Life, Change Your World,
By C. A. Masters (Anacortes)
Enjoy the extraordinary photographs and then an added bonus; words that will literally change your life and if read by everyone, would change the world. Amazing publication, one that should be savored a little at a time to fully realize their impact. I have bought many of these beautiful books, everyone will receive one for Christmas.


12'' x 12'' Soft Cover, Signed by Cheryl, Color - 156 Pages CDB002-298304 22.95   

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